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Instagram end of September and first 2 weeks of October 2012!

Alyza Patinio Sanchez

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Feb 3, '09 3:28 PM


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June 03, 2009
12:03am MST

Its been a while since i blog about myself. I think tonight is the best time. Since i cant sleep and been thinking about things and stuff. I don't know if I'm excited about the upcoming flight to Manila or I'm nervous to be in Manila again. It's been a year now that I'm not home..

Yeah.. I know one year is not a big of deal but ever since I travel, I usually come home every 3-4 months and then leave again. Oh well, in 2 weeks I will be in Manila again..

Its been a year and I'm still adjusting on how I live my life here in the states.
It's very different. It's difficult. But it is a fun experience.

I've been learning new things and still in the process of learning more.

Laughed. Cried. Danced. Cooked. Cleaned. Washed. Blogged. Browsed the Internet. Shopped. Drove. Rode. Worked. Baby Sit. Travel. What else? More!?! Yeah! More!!!

So happy with my own family.
So blessed with what I have. What more can I asked for? I'm just thankful with everything.

Thank you my sancho and my sanchita!


Tony and Marie 07.03.09

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Tony and Marie 07.03.09

Depiction of thyself 2009

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Jan 1, '10 11:20 PM

Jan 1, 2010

I did Depiction of thyself last 2007. Now after 2 years, im gonna blog about 2009. Its been a while i blogged and talk about myself in my multiply. Since i got married, all you see in this site was my baby doll and my hubby.The photos i blogged was all about my own fam too. So this year 2010, i will try to take more pics of me and things affect my everyday life.
(you will still see pics of Alyza fo sho)
So here it goes...

January: the birth month of my baby doll Alyza. Crazy hormone changed. I think that's what pregnancy all about. lol. I was 157lbs before giving birth (i was 99lbs before pregnancy, now im trying to workout everyday to shed those pounds i gained. So far, 01012010 im 110 lbs. so 11lbs to go)
February: been busy planning our boracay wedding. Valentines day was special.
March: 2nd year dating anniversary. Shoot the guns in an indoor range as our celebration.
April: Got my own snowboard (im not renting anymore after this month) Snowboard at loveland
May: birth month. shoot the guns up in the mountains. My first mothers day experience.
June: Trip to Manila. Tagaytay
July: Wedding month. Wedding at Boracay 070309
August: ATV month. got my own ATV!!! Moved to Belmar dtwon. Tony got his first set of aquariums.
September: Labor Day weekend in Brekenridge Colorado. Tony and I went to Downtown Denver to party!!! After 8 months we got to party again. hehe
October: Rocktober. Took nice pics of fall weather. October bites, saw some people that makes me awkward and make my relationship with my hubby stronger. (past is past. dont want to see those b*@#& again hehe) Got our own house at the end of october. We are certified home owners :)
November: Halloween Denver. Our 1st halloween together as a family. Tony 26th birthday. 
December: Our first christmas in our own home. Alyza's 1st christmas. Yearly steamboat christmas vacation in steamboat.

That was a great 2009!
Hope 2010 will be a good one (crossfingers)
Im hoping that i will overcome my weakness and become a better person.
I will disregard those people/things that will stop me for being happy.
i deserve to be happy!
i am happy!
yes! i am!

no bad vibes. good vibes lang :)

cheers to 2010 and to you who's reading my post here in multiply :)

(still this multiply servers as my online diary)

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May 27, '08 8:13 AM

   ..Jazmine Rizza Daniel.. << full name. hahaha

Thank you so much for spending time and being there for me always. I'm so thankful to have you in my life. You know what I mean. Thanks again best :)

and sorry if you were late at work today because of me...
Thanks again! Muah! Hugs!


no drinking drama's

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Jun 27, '08 3:59 PM

"i want some marie time just me and her...
no drinking dramas" -Tony

Soon to be a Mom


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 Aug 4, '08 1:51 PM 
I remember when I blew that candle on my 23rd birthday, I was wishing to be a mom. After one year, at the age of 24,Wish come true, soon I’ll be a mother.  The prince and the princess planned to have a baby. Made it one night and boom it came true! A blessing!

From the time it strikes positive… now in my third month.. Here’s the story…

I had my first check up at Makati Medical Hospital last May with my bestfriend Jazmine. I got a positive sign that im preggy. Then I come back in Denver.

1st month was exciting since im travelling on the other side of the world to see Tony and to let him experience what im feeling because of the baby. Hihi

2nd month was my first check up in Denver. It is a different experience since almost all the things in the hospital in the states are kinda high technlogy and need to be scheduled. I saw the difference when I had my pap smear last July 24, 2008. The things that the doctor used are all disposable, nothing need to be sterilize. Even if I went to Makati Med last May when I was in Manila, I think the technology in the states are way better than Manila. Now im thinking, the government in Manila need to improve the health cares/hospitals soon. (politics?)

Anyway, my 2nd month was cool. My OB-GYN said im healthy but she said that im so thin to have a baby. (if I am thin, what about the other Filipina that has a baby that are thinner than me? Gosh).

Maybe she thinks im thin but I think im gaining a lot of weight now. Gosh. Imagine before pregnancy im 110 lbs now 119.5lbs. in 2 months I gain weight. Size 25 pants now 30ish. (Don’t wear pants anymore, maternity clothes and expandable shorts, hehe) Scary but its cool coz my baby need it to be healthy. In my 2nd month, I heard the baby’s heart beat for the first time! It was so fulfilling. Tony also bought some prenatal vitamins, folic meds and chewable calcium chocolates to nurish more the baby. :) so sweet.

Now, im on my 3rd month! (15 weeks)

I just had a visit with my OB-GYN this morning and I had my 1st ultrasound for my baby. The ultrasound was done to check if my baby is healthy and how he/she is going while im on my 3rd month. Some screenshots of the ultrasound were saved for the doctor and my doctor gave me 2 copies. Hihi. It was exciting to see how my baby move inside my womb while my OB-GYN checks him/her. My doctor had a little problem when doing the check up this morning since the baby moves a lot. The doctor said “Marie, your baby don’t me to take a picture of him/her, look at that, the baby is so healthy!!!”

Im so happy to know that my check up is ok and everything is healthy with me and the baby. Can’t wait for my next check up to know the gender of the baby :)

Special thanks to (showbiz thank list) (hahaha)

*Alex/Tony/Sancho/Babe/Baby Boy – thanks for everything! Muah!

**Patinio, Sanchez,and Garcia Family – for being so supportive to me and Tony. My mom who cried in the wedding and cried more after  1 month when she knows I’m having a baby. Haha. My sister Dez, who always the 1st to know about in Patinio Fam. Thanks to Tony’s Mom, Susan for the doctor thingy where in, me and Ton have a huge discount in St Joseph Hospital here in Denver since she works in the said hospital. Also, thanks for the early gifts :) sweet :) Gmom, thanks for the Tuesday nights dinner, nourishing the baby while inside the womb.

***My bestfriend Jazmine for being there for me always, listening and giving me advices. Hope everything with your health is ok too. I miss you.

**** Sis Meryl for always there to chat with me, listen, give advices and see my webcam (share webcam moments).

*****Lola’s ,Girlfriends, Friends - Eileen (who first to know) Thank you! I know you went to this stage already that’s why I told you right away, hugs to my goddaughter Faye. Christina (tony's sis), Denver friends Ruthie,Nicole and those people who said congrats, xOfficemates-TS Manila (especially Marvin and Sheryl), TS Denver(Maggie- thanks for helping me with the papers thingy), Zeus and Maan, GF Yvet,Ness,Em,& Queenie – thanks to all of you guys. 

I can’t wait for my next check up to know the gender of our baby!

Cheers for mini Alex or mini Marie!




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August 25, 2008

Woke up 11amish yesterday then i was suprised...

Tony: Morning!!
Marie: Hi babe, why are you awake already?
Tony: Its 11am, its late already. haha
Marie: haha. its so late, gosh!
Tony: I have a present for you.

Then he hand me a cute gray bear.. then..

Tony: This is your new pet since you can't have a dog, the bear will be your new pet.
Marie: hahaha. Your so sweet. Thanks!

I was holding the bear and looking at it...

Marie: Oh, theres a zipper, is it a washable bear babe?
Tony: (he just smiled)
Marie: The bear will be naked now. haha. (Im opening the zipper without any clue whats in there or something, all i was thinking the bear's body can be wash)

Tony smiling still..

Marie: Gosh! I saw something inside. Something sparkle. Gosh! Sancho!!!!!

Then i start crying.. Acting crazy.. dont know what to say or to react. being stupid. haha. shaking legs. haha. Mixed emotions.

Tony: Look at whats inside!

I looked and i said, gosh babe!

Tony get the ring inside the bear and he said..

Tony: Will you be mine forever?
Marie: I will be yours forever!

I cry while he said such words then we hugged each other.

After all my drama..

Then he cooked breakfast and i had the best french toast with bacon!!!
It was an unforgetable moment.. I feel so special..

Thanks babe! i love you..

Brick Red


Outfit of the day (9.30.12)
Top: Sleeve ruffle - Forever 21
Jeans: Burgundy - Forever 21
flats: Natural Reflection from Bass Pro Shop

Loving this color for fall!

Brick red, burgundy red, dark red and all these wine red color!

So rich and so pretty!

Hows your fall weather so far? Enjoy October!



Chictopia - Fall Colors


Outfit of the day (9.29.12)

sweater: TJ MAXX
purse: LV Neverfull GM
boots: H&M
hat: Fox hat c/o Elk Festival

Here’s a quick outfit post i wore last Saturday!

We went to Estes Park Colorado. Spend 4 days & 3 nights, stayed in our cabin in Worldmark.

Attended Elk Festival, saw a lot of indian inspired clothes, elk horns for sale and lots of festival food!
I wore this comfy sweater and shorts since the weather is not that chilly.

Fun times with my fam and enjoyed nature at its finest. You must see Rocky Mountain National Park when you visit Colorado!

hope you enjoyed first week of fall!

I'll post more pics about estes park soon!