Chictopia - Lazy bun

Jan 8, 2012

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2012 blog + Polyvore - New Years Gift 2012

Jan 2, 2011

Hey! How is it going? My first blog for 2012 woot!

I will try my best to blog more for this year. So yesterday, Jan 1, 2012 i started this cleansing thingy that i need to finish for 60 days. Its my day 2 of 60 now and i feel like its working since ive been in the bathroom for 6 times in a row. hehe  also, been getting headache as side effect of this cleansing. i will let you know the progress in my next blog post.

I didnt had a chance to do an outfit of the day today since weve been going around town just wearing gym clothes. I want to share this post i did at Polyvore. I'm currently waiting for my new years gift (Michael Kors round horn watch) from hubby, will be shipped in our house by Thursday. Yes, i invented the new years gift thingy. hehe i'll twitpic it as soon as i got it. If you have twitter follow me @mariepsanchez i usually twit what im doing/what ive done for the day since '09.

Anyway, back to polyvore post. Below is how im gonna dress up the watch. Since i work now for a university, i need to dress up business casual/business attire. I really feel like i'm back in college dressing up this way since that was my dress code when i was studying.

Alyza will be doing a trial class tomorrow for one hour. Her preschool at Primerose then her 1st day of school will be on Wednesday. My gosh! Our baby doll is on preschool now!!!

*too much mom mode excitement*

cheers for 2012!



Chictopia - I got the flowers!

Jan 1, 2012

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Today's outfit (Dec 31,2011)

coat: Missoni for Target
dress: Ross
heels: Jessica Simpson - wedge heels
gloves: Deja Vu texting gloves