Happy Easter!


Happy Easter from my family to yours!!!! :)



Memories and New Beginnings



Starting today i will try to blog at least twice a week and keep this as my new online journal. I was using multiply.com for almost 8 years and then multiply shutdown for reals. I know i got lots of memories, blogs, pictures in that site. I hope i can find them on my hard drive backups.

Anyhow, new beginnings!

Now all my photo dump will be in my flickr site, i purchased the premium so i can just drag and drop everything there.

Here's the link:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/mariesanchez/ << check it out!

 Below are my instagram pics for the past few months. Thanks for reading this post ;)


ps i cant wait for my printstagram pics to be delivered. all my fav intagram pics in polariod prints :)