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June 27, 2011

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yesterdays outfit

top: Tj Maxx
jean shorts: Tj Maxx
slippers: Havianas
sun glasses: Rayban
anklet: Puerto Galera and Laguna seashore shops


Cherry Blossom Festival


Pics date: June 26, 2011

Went to 19th street in Downtown Denver for Cherry Blossom Festival. We also got in the Buddhist Temple and we saw awesome bonsai plants. Some plants were 150 years old already and some are like 10 yearish.

Bought some green tea and it was delish. I saw a lady with this chic purse made out of Japanese cloth and chopsticks handle. Pretty cool!

Starbucks were giving away iced coffee for free. Tony enjoyed his teriyaki burger. Alyza got spinning wheel toy from a lady who sells bonsai.

After the festival, we went to Bombay Bowl and ate lunch. The store's ambiance was like chipotle but indian food. It was Tonys and Himanshu's idea before to put up a restaurant like this. Indian food in affordable way. Looks like Bombay Bowl got that idea before them hehe

Spend the rest of our afternoon in our front yard. Tony and Alyza were playing with water/sprinkle and i got action pics of my loves :)

Tony grilled dinner. Corn, fish, steak and hamburger. I made some sweet and sour sauce with veggies to go with the fish. Dad Alex joined us for dinner.

Sunday Famday!

more pics on my multiply site http://maryiangge.multiply.com/

Filmore Plaza Festival


Pic date: 6.25.11

Location: Cherry Creek Mall, Denver

First of all! Happy Birthday to my lil bro NJ!!!! ate loves and miss you so much!!

We went to the opening of filmore plaza, cherry creek mall. Got free wafer shades. I will send some back home in Manila since we got like 10 free shades hehe

Whole afternoon festivities. Great food from the restaurants that participate the event. We had samplers like pastrami lamb sandwhich, shrimp cocktail, and parfait. We also stopped by starbucks since it was so hot that day and we got some ice coffees and frap.

During the festival, there were bands playing and alyza start dancing in front of the stage. Photographer Scott Dessel- Martin spoted her and took a lot of pics of Alyza dancing. Then he ask Tony to sign a release paper so he can publish Alyza's pics in cherry creek mall and his website.

After the festival, we went to Greek restaurant and we have an amazing food. Greek salad and Gyros!

Dessert right beside the Greek restaurant, the Greek Bakery (who would have not guess hehe)

We had tiramisu and fresh brewed espresso.

It was a fun Saturday with the family!


more pics on my multiply site http://maryiangge.multiply.com/photos/album/847/Filmore_Plaza_Festival


Free Wafers


Good evening everyone!

Quick post before bedtime :) I will update my blog by Monday :)

Thanks Cherry Creek Mall for these awesome wafer sunnies! I twitpic this as well :)

Goodnight world!



Package from Home


Alyza's napping so i have time to blog.

I was so excited when my package 1 out of 2 from Manila, Philippines arrived in the mail last Monday 6.20.11 Got my old bikinis and shorts back. Hope i can wear them soon and i hope my baby weight will be gone by the time we hit the pool.

I think Alyza is more excited than me coz she loves polboron (rice cakes) from Manila. Thanks to the Patinio's for this :) Tony received a belt and a polo shirt from my mom and dad. Alyza got a watch from Tia Nica :)

Also, i took this flower pic from our yard and also our pup Nutmeg.


Im so ready for the weekend to do more family stuff :)



Denim on Denim


First post here in blogger! Hello world!

I have an old blogger account (back 2005) but i totally forgot my credentials on that site so i created this.

Ive been in chictopia for years and posting clothes i wore. Now this blog will be more detailed. for now here is my recent post in chictopia.

Denim dress by Mossimo. Denim heels by Jessica Simpson, bought at DSW. My accessories are from the shop in the shore of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Alamay, eyeshadow. Nars Orgasm lipstick. L'Oreal Voluminous Black Mascara. lipstick, MAC honeyflower. Mosturizer, Vitazing Origins.

Have a great night everyone!!!