Black Friday deals!


Black Friday deals!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and you know that its gonna be black Friday sale the next day. I created the top 5 things I wanted if I will go for black Friday shopping. The deal for Toys R Us is really good, we have that toy already for Alyza. We purchased it last years Christmas. She really loved it that's why I added it to my fav black Friday deals.

I provide the links so you can check it out. Some you can purchase online and some you need to be in the store to get the deal. As I drove by the stores this morning, i saw some people camping outside already for the line. so..

Here it is!

Top 1 - Target
Our daughter has the ipad mini and i recommend this deal to all parents out there. I know it depends on how you want to introduce electronics to your kids but this deal for Target is great since it gives you back $100 gift card. Which you can use for shopping. I really like Target stuff so i like this deal better than the best buy ipad deal.

iPad mini 3 16GB 7.9-inch Tablet + $100 Gift Card for $399.00 - you save $100 for target gc

Top 2 - Groupon

This is a great deal if you want to give somebody a piece of jewelry that is worth $$ but wont hurt your budget. I previously bought the gold version of these earings in groupon and they are in great quality, I wish this white gold was available when i did my shopping before.

14K Solid White Gold Ball Stud Earrings From $12.99–$17.99  regular price $157.01



Top 3 - Guitar Center

Since I'm a musician by heart but not in real life hahaha I recoommend this keyboard. If I have time, I would like how to play this keyboard. Guitar Center has daily black friday deal and today's deal is great for $50 off the original price!

M- Audio Keystation 49ES Ignite MK2 49-Key MIDI Controller $49.99 sale regular price $99.99

Top 4 - Walmart
If you're looking for new LED HDTV, walmart has the best deal. Imagine 50 inch for $218?! Great deal!!!

50-inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV for $218.00 as part of its Wal-Mart Black Friday Sale 2014.


Top 5 - Toys R Us
Like I said earlier, Alyza love this toy and its a nice set for kids who likes octonauts! We end up buying the octonauts characters to add on this play set. for less than 20 bucks, you get a whole play set!

Octonauts Octopod Play Set $18.49 - regular price $36.99

Hope this help you narrow down great deals for Black Friday. I'm still waiting what will Apple do for black Friday. Have a great Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays!

Don't eat too much turkey! ;)



Ramen: Uncle!


Been on a hunt to find a good ramen place here in Denver and I cant find one for a long time. Then the magic of instagram tags direct me to the right place. Found a instagram user called @bestfooddenver  that has pictures of Ramen. I looked into best food denver account and found the a pic of ramen. Another internet magic, got the location based on picture tag and found a place called Uncle that is just 10 minutes away from my house.

Since I've been craving for this ramen, we drove to Uncle last Sunday but i didn't do a better research in their restaurant hours, the place is closed every Sunday. So we end up in the bar next to it called Highland Tap and bar (ill do a separate blog review about this bar).

I can't wait to try the ramen place we drove back yesterday right after our dentist appointment. So here's my review about Uncle :)

I sneak and took a pic of their menu :)

 Since its our first time, we just ordered a kids ramen for Alyza. Me and Tony shared their spicy chicken ramen. Our server said that the spicy chicken was their popular dish.

Love how the chopsticks are easily accessible but the condiment beside the chopstick has no label so i didn't even bother to try it. I'm guessing its spicy sauce or sriracha or something like that. 

Overall, i love how authentic the ramen taste like. Feels like im back in the philippines, eating at china town :) i surely enjoyed the flavor of the ramen. The chicken is delish too, crispy outside and moist inside. Alyza enjoyed her kids ramen with kale veggies. Alyza let me and tony taste her ramen and it was really good. Great broth and the noodles are al dente! 

The only negative thing i can say is the food is pricey for Ramen. $14 for a bowl. $7 for appetizer. ($$$$ out of $$$$$ price review for this place) but to think about the flavor and quality of food , i guess the $$$$ spent is worth it!!!

We are definitely going back soon. Maybe this weekend! I'll do follow up blog post about this place and this time i will bring my shark (canon 6d camera) and try their famous steamed buns pork belly!

Do you have any ramen place recommendation in Denver or in your side of town? Leave me a message below and we will try your suggestion too :)


*spent our own $ to experience this family activity. this post is not sponsored by Uncle. All opinion are my own*


Toms for Target


Last Sunday, I drove to target thinking it will be pack but it wasn't. I had a great morning shopping. Less people, more time to look into stuff. My goal is to get some bow and arrow stuff that is printed in Toms stuff. Whenever target do collaboration, its usually pack but this time our target is like a ghost town at 8am.

first thing first. Got my coffee. Good thing Starbucks is inside target too. Love how caramel are layered in this coffee. Heaven in a cup!

This how the toms for target looks like at my target. Belmar Lakewood Colorado. I like how they design the rack that looks like wood panels.

Bunch of sweaters and little bit of pouches. I think the pouch are overprice but since it feeds x number of days for people, it make it worth it? Not sure...

i like how the shirts and jackets are but again, over price stuff. I think i can wait until these things hit the clearance rack.

The shirts, jacket and jean stuff for men are kinda small. Didn't got any of these too.

At the end, i settle for the bow and arrow bag that was in my goal. I didn't really feel the urge to buy more. I would like to have the scarf but its not sold in my target. I will wait for few more weeks to get the stuff i want and maybe i will see them in the clearance rack. I end up buying 2 dresses, 1 top, 1 short and 1 skirt at the clearance rack for 70% off regular price. I also bought some drug store make up and stuff for the house..

How was your tom for target stuff in your side of town?

Leave comments below :)


enjoy your weekend!!!



Color me mine!


Last October 25, 2014, we went to Color me mine in Belmar Lakewood. It is a spot in belmar where you can paint in ceramic stuff and have a great family time.

I got this deal in groupon paid $15 for $30 worth of ceramics and studio fees. Alyza choose the car and an ornament to paint. Before painting, the nice lady helped us choose what color to use.

Then we choose brushes..

Alyza started painting and we spend like couple hours. Me and Tony didn't paint since we want Alyza to do all the painting so it will be Alyza's artist hand creation. She claims to be "artist" she loves to paint and do artsy stuff..

I love how this picture shows how she is enjoying this activity.

Here is the finish product after she did the painting. The lady that helped us informed us that they will dip the ceramic to a glaze so we can get the product in couple of days to let it dry.

After couple of days, we went back to belmar and picked it up. Our $ was well spent on this for sure.  We will for sure come back to paint the ornament we bought. If you're interested, color me mine is located in belmar lakewood right across the elephant bar.

I recommend this place for sure! Family approved! Until my next post!


*spent our own $ to experience this family activity. this post is not sponsored by color me mine. All opinion are my own*


Ola November!


Oh Hey November 2014!

Today's month, November came by so fast. Feels like October 2014 was just yesterday. Me and my have  a great Halloween. Alyza has two costumes, Elsa from Frozen ofcourse then her second costume, i dress her up as red riding hood since i dress up Ayden as bad wolf.  Ayden doesn't like the leaves on his feet in this pic haha

Last October 18, we went to Anderson Farms to do more halloween activities with the kids. So much fun stuff to do! The best part of our Anderson Farm trip is my selfie with the giant pumpkin. haha

 Too view more anderson farms pics click this link >>  Anderson Farms

Also the red cups are back in Starbucks. My fav season wherein i can enjoy holiday drinks! my personal fav is the caramel brulee latte, extra hot in soy milk :)

Caramel Brulée Latte
Caramel Brulée Latte

Sorry if i havent post for the past two Fridays, life is been crazy busy!

Define busy? lol

By the way, i want to shout out to Alyza for doing a great job last Monday cheering in half time in denver nuggets game as a junior denver nuggets dancer :) so proud of our baby doll!!!

Until my next blog post!