Toms for Target


Last Sunday, I drove to target thinking it will be pack but it wasn't. I had a great morning shopping. Less people, more time to look into stuff. My goal is to get some bow and arrow stuff that is printed in Toms stuff. Whenever target do collaboration, its usually pack but this time our target is like a ghost town at 8am.

first thing first. Got my coffee. Good thing Starbucks is inside target too. Love how caramel are layered in this coffee. Heaven in a cup!

This how the toms for target looks like at my target. Belmar Lakewood Colorado. I like how they design the rack that looks like wood panels.

Bunch of sweaters and little bit of pouches. I think the pouch are overprice but since it feeds x number of days for people, it make it worth it? Not sure...

i like how the shirts and jackets are but again, over price stuff. I think i can wait until these things hit the clearance rack.

The shirts, jacket and jean stuff for men are kinda small. Didn't got any of these too.

At the end, i settle for the bow and arrow bag that was in my goal. I didn't really feel the urge to buy more. I would like to have the scarf but its not sold in my target. I will wait for few more weeks to get the stuff i want and maybe i will see them in the clearance rack. I end up buying 2 dresses, 1 top, 1 short and 1 skirt at the clearance rack for 70% off regular price. I also bought some drug store make up and stuff for the house..

How was your tom for target stuff in your side of town?

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enjoy your weekend!!!


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