Panera Bread Breakfast Party

Nov 20, 2011

I used to eat at Panera bread when i live in Aurora, Colorado. Now i live in Denver, its kinda hard to drive to Cherry Creek just to eat at Panera. I was so excited when i saw the Panera bread being build in Belmar Lakewood (where blockbuster used to be). Last week, when we were in 1st bank, we pass by Panera bread and i told my husband," oh we miss the opening. Look at everybody eating there already."

Last Monday, I convinced my hubby to have dinner at Panera bread. So we drove to Panera and invited the whole fam. Everybody meet up there and my dad in law said they are not open until Nov 21 but the gentleman told him that they will be open on Friday for Breakfast Party. So we went last Friday and the lady told us that they will be doing the breakfast party on Sunday, nov 20. All the trips going to Panera was sad since they are not open yet.

Sunday, today. We went to Panera bread around 9.45am to wait for the breakfast party at 10am. Sat in our car since its kinda cold outside to be waiting in the door and we have our daughter with us so we dont want to sacrifice. As soon as we saw a lady was welcome by two gentleman at the door and let her in. We get out of our car and head our way to the door.

These lovely ladies greet us and gave us panera $$ to buy our free food :)

The pastries looks so good and they were delish!!!!

the cashiers are so helpful and they explain the menu to us since its so over whelming. too many choices, we dont know what to order!

These guys made our fresh lemonade, caramel frozen drinks and gave orange juices :)

The scream your name when your food is ready :) friendly people :)

My family enjoyed the fresh breakfast sandwiches,bagel with cream cheese, chicken noodle soup, pastries and amazing drinks :)

alyza got a ginger bread man cookie to go :)

The customer service is 5 out of 5 stars :)

Mom Susan joined us too. Too bad i didnt get a pic of her. We also brought home some pastries and some left overs :)

Overall, it was a great experience my family had. We will be back for sure and support this panera branch here in lakewood. Thanks for the free breakfast party Panera Bread :)


 ftc disclaimer: this post is not sponsored by panera bread. me and my fam had a great breakfast party and we would like to share our experience. supporting local stores in lakewood :)

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